The Grand Adventure

JJ Hicks
2 min readJun 28, 2022

He took the job. He moved his family north. He let go of long and successful career to take on a new challenge. The larger company, a competitor made assurances, guarantees. They were growing and he was the one to grow with them. It was a big step.

A new house would have to be found so that the family could join him. The temporary housing was not big enough for the whole family. The children were moved and enrolled in new schools. College was on the horizon for the oldest of them.

He dove into the difficult situation. He brought all of his experience and energy to the newly acquired company. The one the competitor had just bought. The previous owner was kept on. He wasn’t happy with the sale. He took it out on the new guy hired by the new company. Eventually, the previous owner left. The new company directed him out.

He built a leadership team and set a vision. He became the face and force behind the company. But then the drive and the push from the acquiring company turned.

Decisions were forced on him to do things to make more money regardless of any impact on the business. Near daily calls were shouting matches of unending rants. All with the same subject: MORE.

Soon the shortcoming of that style of leadership started the revolving door. One by one the leadership team he had built were let go. New ones were brought in. Soon they were also fired and a new round were brought in. One by one the most talented fled or quit. They wanted yes men and women. Just do what you are told. Do not do what is best. The owners didn’t care. It was all about short term gain.

He was relegated to a lesser role. And then one day the remote leaders turned on him. The treatment was harsh, intense, and unrelenting. He could see the writing on the wall. Then, finally it came, they gave him the boot. The grand experiment. The great adventure was over.

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JJ Hicks

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