Layoffs Change Nothing

JJ Hicks
1 min readOct 14, 2022

If you’ve been reading here for any period of time you have seen the many stories of mass or sudden unexpected layoffs. There are usually two stories coming out of those events: The long tenured employee or even the newly hired employee that is suddenly out in the world without a job. The other story is the remaining employees who are put upon to double and even triple their workload.

The story that isn’t often told is how the business does not alter their desire for more. That the pressure to produce and still grow at the same rate remains.

There is no realignment for the new reality. Or, if there is it is short lived. The expectations are not adjusted for the reduced sales or staff or changing landscape. “Why are our sales down? Why aren’t we growing?” The questions and pressures grow intense.

Corporate soul-searching is an oxymoron. It’s a unicorn. There is only one law. One axiom that governs all decisions at all times. More. No matter the constraints or issues or changing circumstances. The answer is always more.

JJ Hicks

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