Finding My Way

JJ Hicks
1 min readSep 16, 2022

It’s hard to lose a job for any reason. I’ve quit, been fired, laid off, reorganized, restructured, terminated, smoke screened, de-promoted, you name it. Some times I saw it coming. Other times I had no idea.

I’ve felt the heart-sick pain, the despondency, the sense of loss. The trauma from the truncation of friends and colleagues I had thought were friends, even extended family.

I just didn’t know what it was doing to my health and well-being. I didn’t recognize when I carried that trauma with me to the next job.

Writing was, at first, my therapy — then it became my purpose. My long suppressed desire resurrected from the ashes of a successful career. How can you be so good at your professional career and so utterly miserable?

Now I’m working now to put my books out in the world. My first fantasy fiction novel which will come out next spring. The non-fiction books which you see snippets of here. They will follow shortly thereafter.

I traveled through the wilderness and I found a way out by returning to myself and my dreams. Success at something you don’t like is not fulfilling. Struggling in something that you love feels like a revelation.

I hope you are able to look at your life and find an answer that is centered around a healthy expression of your life’s dreams and hopes. There is room to make a living and pursue your dreams (In spite of what we’ve been told.)

JJ Hicks

JJ Hicks is an author in the wee-hours of the morning and an IT Leader by day. You can find out more about me at