Do as We Say Not as We Do but Do that too

JJ Hicks
1 min readOct 4, 2022

He was brought in to shake things up, to bring new ideas, to challenge the status quo. He was brash, direct, experienced, awkward around the edges.

His team bristled at first but soon they learned the wisdom of his ways. Some never did come around. He may have had rough ways but the changes the leaders wanted were happening in the department.

As he got in further he began to challenge the old guard. The old boys club that wanted change for others but not themselves.

The golden boy fell quickly out of favor. It was a common refrain. It happened time and time again. They said they wanted someone different but in reality they wanted themselves spread out and running each department. They wanted someone to do something they couldn’t do but to do as if they were doing it. It was impossible, untenable.

The closed door meetings started, the whispers, the hard discussions.

Then one day he announced his departure. It was tacit pressure. Being forced out quietly albeit unmistakenly.

He left with a fond farewell and a good riddance by the leaders who hired him. In absentia he could be deified or reviled as the case may be. Another punching bag to blame the problems on.

His lieutenant was promoted too soon in the role he vacated and in a year that lieutenant was fired as well. Never the mirror to be turned on the ones making those decisions.



JJ Hicks

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