A Thank you for those who Accepted my Invitation

JJ Hicks
2 min readSep 30, 2022

Thank you all for accepting my invitation for following this page. As some of you have seen, I have been turning my attention over the past five and half years towards writing books. It was a long-time dream for me that I avoided in pursuit of my professional career.

As many of you have seen from my chronic stress posts on my professional page, I experienced a lot of traumatic events and a lot of betrayal and a lot of chronic stress during that time. I had success but I also had a lot of loss and hurtful experiences. I was naïve with my trust towards those who managed me.

What I learned as my takeaway from all those times was the memories and recollections of my relationships with many of you. Those experiences and connections meant a lot to me. I have come to believe that that is all we end up taking away from our time in the trenches with one another. Good times working on difficult projects. Laughter. Sharing life events. Travel. A smile.

For me, those times were the value of all those experiences. Not the sudden terminations or erratic owners or traumatic events. At the end of it all, when I see your names or faces, I remember fun exchanges and pleasant times. And for those who I see for lunch or dinner it warms my heart that there was indeed a connection there worth having.

The chronic stress posts are my attempt to help others look out for their well-being. Those posts keep me focused on my non-fiction books I am targeting to publish next spring. But this page focuses on my fiction work. The work where my dream of writing began. I put it off for thirty years. Now I’ve written my first epic fantasy fiction book. I’m in the process of copy editing it now. I plan to release it in the spring as well.

I’m hoping that, like the chronic stress posts, you find inspiration and motivation to pursue your own dreams and manifest your own creative endeavors whatever they might be. Often we pursue our professional careers in things that aren’t always that fulfilling. If you are not going to pursue your dreams who will?

JJ Hicks

JJ Hicks is an author in the wee-hours of the morning and an IT Leader by day. You can find out more about me at www.jjasonhicks.com